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The Bello Story

We wake up every morning because we love to make people feel beautiful and confident in their skin. Knowing that we are making a difference in someone's confidence brings us so much joy. Being people that have experienced low self esteem and confidence ourselves, it is so rewarding making someone feel beautiful and happy.

How we came to be.

Before I bought the salon, it was L&L Salon. I worked there as the receptionist throughout high school then again while I was pregnant with my daughter and during beauty school. Working at L&L was what had inspired me to go to beauty school. I went to Eastern Washington University for a short while and was just lost on what I wanted to do, so I moved home.


When I moved home and came back to L&L, and that's when I knew that this industry was my calling. After graduating beauty school my time at L&L had come to an end due to them not having an opening for me. I worked at a spa that I wasn't happy at for 3 years before I found out that L&L was looking for an esthetician.


I "applied" that same day and she hired me on the spot! I had been working as a commission esthetician for 2 years when the discussion of purchasing the salon started to become a topic of conversation. It quickly progressed from there. Once I bought L&L, I changed the name to Bello Beauty and now we are on our second year!

From Madison Scheck, Owner of Bello Beauty

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